Aquatic Attractor underwater lighting can be installed virtually anywhere. They can add distinction and appeal to any property, from a residence on a waterway or a resort on the coast, to a commercial development on a lake.
The installation process is straightforward and completely turnkey.


Once you’ve decided that these magnificent underwater lights can beautifully accent your grounds, an Aquatic Attractor’ consultant will survey the area, determine how many lights, and make placement recommendations.

Aquatic Attractor underwater lights are well built, long-lasting and extremely energy efficient. They are handcrafted and engineered to withstand rust, corrosion and all coastal weather extremes. Each light is put through vigorous testing to insure the water-tight sealing process has been accomplished. Every light has the ability to naturally combat the growth of barnacles and algae, inevitably creating a maintenance free product.

Along with the sturdy construction, each underwater light is designed to save you money consuming as little electricity as possible. They operate on a nominal 110-volt system, and utilize a photoelectric cell to turn on at dusk, and off at dawn. While they are providing entertainment and ambiance automatically for your property, they are conserving energy and saving money at the same time.

Aquatic Attractor adheres to or exceeds all code regulations and are installed to be environmentally safe. We manufacture and install our patented product in strict compliance to building codes.

Installation is done by a Certified Scuba Diver.

The underwater lights require a 110-volt power supply with a G.F.C.I. outlet to be mounted adjacent to the waterfront. If not available, Aquatic Attractor would more then be helpful in offering a preferred electrician in your area.

The cost of each underwater light includes installation and wiring. Wiring and conduit is then run from the outlet to the sea floor and then proceeds to a preferred location of the property owner. The lights are then leveled and firmly anchored to the sea bed so they are able to withstand potential hazards from strong currents, constant coastal changes and strong boat propulsion.

Ask About The Two Year Warranty!

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